Blends & Brothers - Rouse Hill

“We started this business with family being the main objective, we want to share that feel with each and every individual that walks through our doors, we want everyone to feel the love, feel welcomed and ideally to feel like it’s a home, outside home.”

Choose a service to schedule

Men's Skin Fade (45min) - $50
Mens classic cut with skin fade using foils/cutt throat razor or double zero.
Men's Classic Cut (30mins) - $43
Mens classic cut using all types of barbering techniques to tailor your hair for the look you are wanting to achieve. This doesn’t involve a skin fade.
VIP Membership - $35
This service is ONLY for the client who has a VIP membership card. Without this card, the price does not apply.
High School Skin Fade - $35
Traditional high school cut WITH a skin fade.
High School Cut - $30
Standard high school cut, NO fade with this service.
Kiddies (1-12) - $27
Mens Classic Cut w/beard trim - $55
Crew Cut W/ Fade - $37
Clippers used all over with NO scissors used on this cut. This service includes any guards from #1-6 on top with a skin fade on the sides.
Pensioner - $24
Senior - $28
Beard Trim - $20
Trimming & shaping of the beard using clippers or scissors and lining out of the beard.
Ultimate Hot Towel Shave - $60
The traditional cut throat and hot towel experience
The Works Shave & Haircut (1hr) - $80
Why not have it all? A traditional cut throat & hot towel experience with a men's classic cut.
Crew Cut - $30
This service is used with clippers all over on top, sides & back. No fade is included with this cut.
VIP Membership w/ beard trim - $40
This service is for our VIP Membership clients who also want a beard trim.
Teeth whitening - $100
Teeth whitening w/haircut - $150
Directions Shop GR072 Market Lane, Rouse Hill Town Centre